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Digital marketing


Digital marketing Training Institute

Digital Marketing is now referred as a strategy for many big companies to make their name count in the world market. Why Digital Marketing Institute? It is the best form of promotion available that can boost the ratings and rankings of a company from bottom to top. Digital Marketing is mainly done through Web Access or Internet or through other mediums too like Mobile Applications, FM-Radio, Billboards and many more. Anyone who is graduate, post graduate, part-time working professionals can easily learn this marketing. Nowhere days every company depends on digital marketing as it is cheap and much more effective than any other type of promotion.Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, E-bay generally chose Digital Marketing because in today’s world everyone has a digital device on their hand which they access every single minute.

Digital Marketing Courses offered by us : SEO Certification It is a 2 months course which highlights the basic and advanced elements of search engine rankings technique through which the visibility of one’s website comes into the spotlight in the big market. The more the ranking it goes, the more audience it attracts towards it.

SMM Certification (Social Media Marketing) It is a 1 month course to understand the concepts and essential of social media marketing.This is a short term certification course. Social Media has risen to the top in a short period and has become one of the top elements in the field of marketing.

Web Extreme (Advance Level) It is a 6 months course that primarily focus on web development, web designing and user-interface. Servers & script plays a crucial role in this. Dynamic Websites, E-Commerce, Mobile Applications and much more are covered by us. Google Adwords Certification It is a 1 month course for students who are interested in Google Adwords Pay Per Click Program. Various Aspects of Google Adwords are learnt through this program to attract more and more people, and to advertise locally & globally etc. Advertising Design Course It is a 12 month program which enables an individual to design and promote the products and services available in the market through print media and internet.Understanding of design, marketing that are required to convince a proportionate of audience to become a buyer of that particular goods or services.

Brief Contents

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Corel Draw

  • HTML5-CSS3

  • JavaScripts

  • Seo

  • Video Editing


  • EVS Certified PHP Web Developer
  • Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)

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