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Web Design Training Institute

Syntax World is the best career institute offering Web Designing Course and Websites Layouts. It is the most affordable web designing training institute in Delhi rendering the formation of changing, conversational and static websites. In web designing field, conversions are coming very briskly. These Web Designing Courses entail the syllabus from initiating to advance level to confer thorough cognizance of website designing with latest features. At Syntax World Web Designing Courses cover basics of web designing, color composition, W3c recommendations, perfection of images and content, outline of a website, related languages like CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery and many more in Web Designing Courses in Delhi with advance method of enlightenment.

Syntax World Web Designing Course in Delhi renders the best profession in the field of web designing. Now days HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Jquery, Java Script, PHP, Wordpress, Magento, eCommerce websites and other reactive designing websites for computers, tablets and mobiles, has up to the hilt changed the way of operating things to design a fleeting, changing and full of constructive websites. This Web Designing Course at Syntax World train you how to use upstanding basic structures on which sovereign things can be constituted for designing the best reactive designing website. Our Web Designing Course training material narrates the need of client and how to reckon the needed things about his material and channels to get whole knowingness to be put into use in the website formation for running smooth business and web hosting services for conveniently uploading the site online through the cognizance of Web Designing Course at Syntax World training institute in Delhi.

Syntax World Web Designing Course entails the modules such as Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Dreamweaver, Bootstrap and Responsive Designing at our institute in Delhi. Our Web Designing Course in Delhi is a procedure to evolve a website in PHP (an HTML-embedded, server-side scripting language) to confer MySQL database valency for the website. Website Development is not only as usual and systematic Web Designing Course but it also covers the programming and coding part of the website mostly for accumulating the data in database for succeeding reference or for evolving CMS (Content Management System), E- Commerce Website, Shopping Cart, Data based websites etc with web progression courses in Delhi.

At Syntax World, Web Designing Course embraces how to show your website or web page employing most innovative tricks with actual projects by helping student to devise their career in the choice of their field or industry whether they want to come forward for their own website or evolve web portals with top-notch web designing institute in Delhi. Syntax World course is the world-class Web Designing Course in Delhi, which conducts the software and techniques requisite in constructing alluring websites, web applications and animated presentations, and pilots students through poising their own perfect portfolio related to the province. Our Web Designing Course course has been meticulously designed to ensure that you attain the skills requisite to become a web designer. With fantabulous faculty unified with a hands-on training in a preaching -conducive classroom ambience, we strive to unveil the best potentialities of our students. We devise them ready for prompt recruitments as web designers and multimedia graphic designers.

Brief Contents

  • Basics HTML and HTML5

  •  What is HTML5     Setting Up of Dreamweaver     Creating XHTML     Formatting and Adding Tags     Choosing an Editor     Project Management

  • Basic CSS and CSS3

  •  What is CSS3?     Internal Style Sheets, Selectors     Properties and Values     Building and Applying Class Selectors     Creating Comments in Your Code     Understanding Class and ID     Using Dev TGS and IDs to Format Layout

  • Bootstrap and Media Queries

  •  Understand the Benefits     Principle of Using Responsive Web Design     Template Design for Tablet and Mobile     Template Design as per Percentage Basis     Media Query     Frameworks     Bootstrap

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6

  •  Introduction to Photoshop     Raster Graphics     Vector VS.Raster     Image Retouching and Colour Balancing     Logos and Corporate Identity Design     Advanced Raster Techniques     Print Design—Composition and Layout

  • JQuerry

  •  Introduction to JQuerry     Variables, Operators, Loops     Using Objects, Events     Common JQuerry Functions     JQuerry Validations     JQuerry Tools     Implementation

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

  •  Basic Knowledge of Websites     Introduction of Dynamic Website     Creating Comments in your Code     Understanding Class & ID     Using Div Tags & IDs Format Layout     How to use CSS in Dreamweaver     Know about Web Hosting & Domains


  • EVS Certified PHP Web Developer
  • Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)

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